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1. Carriers Belarus: damage from sanctions Russia is on the rise (09.2014)

Representatives of Belarusian companies-carriers commented on the situation in connection with the losses introduced by Russia sanctions against the import of products from EU countries. In each case the scale of the loss is measured by different amounts, but the decline in freight rates (tariff for transportation), touched upon all without exception.

His business colleagues say that the damage bear from idle machines with load and without it, breaking contracts and find new, lower rates of freight, time and organizational costs of the development of new market segments and corresponding logistics, losses due to failures on the new routes. And also due to the fact that most new partners not organized system of loading, and the routes are longer, which increases the travel time with all of the attendant circumstances.

2. Company Rapid Uluslararası Taşımacılık also started to provide the services in Iran. The Company entered into agency agreement with Iran. The company has began providing services in transportation Turkey - Iran. (06.2014)

3. Office of Rapid Uluslararası Taşımacılık has began its work in Kazakhstan. (02.2014)

4. Trade relations between the leading countries.