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(2004 - 2014)

Turkey – Romania

Between 2004-2014 we provide transportation on the route Turkey - Romania with irreducible rate. Maintaining the stability of the route Turkey - Romania allows us to keep the leading position on this line.

Turkey - Russia

In recent years, especially thanks to performed loadings with Frigoglass company on the route Turkey - Russia on a weekly basis in amount of 5-20 vehicles for the past 8 years, our company has gained extensive experience on this line. Thanks to the cooperation with such transport companies in Russia, as TELS, Globaltranscom and STS, we have increased the availability and the possibility of providing agency services in all regions. We started to work with new clients such as Sanica, Vestel Russia, Franke, Nobel İlaç, Emin Teknik.
Our company has won the tender opened by Bosch- Siemens for the transportation on the route Turkey - Russia. We have performed transportations on the route Ukraine - Turkey for the company Şişecam. We have started transportation of raw timber from St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia.
As a result of paying attention and constant work to expand and develop the direction of Turkey - Russia, a stable line was organized. We can provide services in transportation at refrigerators from such regions of Turkey as Mersin, Izmir and Bursa to Russia. We started to transport household appliances on vehicles with cubic capacity of 120 m3.
We started and continue transportation by Russian wagons from Cherkezkoy to Russia.
We have created a separate department for the line with colleagues who are Moldovan, Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian citizens, and we continue to make all our efforts to improve the work.

Turkey - Kazakhstan

Along with the development of the Russian line, we began to receive from our customers, we are working with for Russia, a lot of requests for transportation to Kazakhstan and, therefore, we decided to carry out restructuring. So in 2014, Mr. Firat Develioglu, who lives in Kazakhstan for 15 years, became our partner, and the company Rapid began its operations in Kazakhstan. At the present line:

1) We make transportation from Turkey by direct vehicles (truck-trailer – mega trucks - refrigerators).
2) We provide direct transportation of goods without overloading by Russian wagons from Cherkezkoy, Turkey to Kazakhstan.
3) We provide transportation from Turkey by vehicle or by container to Poti, Georgia, then, load cargo in railway wagons, from Poti to anywhere in Kazakhstan.
4) We transport containers without overloading of goods from Turkey via the Novorossiysk port, where the same containers are loaded at the railway platform, to anywhere in Kazakhstan.

Turkey - Iran

In recent years, the volume of traffic between Turkey and Iran is growing. After organizing the directions of Russia and Kazakhstan we are faced with the challenge of organizing the Iran line. In the first stage, we opened the agency in Iran. In cities Tahran-Tabriz-Zenji-Bazergan (border Turkey - Iran) - Bandar Abbas, concluding an agreement with the company Afrabar, we created our agency network. We are working with the vehicles with Iranian plates. Currently our constant volume of loadings is in an amount of 5-40 trucks weekly. We carry out constant transportation for companies such as Hayat Kimya, Koroza, Eroz, İzodor, Merkas, Gulsan and Akinel. In comparison with the transport with Turkish plates, working on machines with Iranian plates, we are able to offer lower freight rates. We are confident that the foundation of line Turkey - Iran will contribute to the development of our company. We have created a department with Iranian staff.

Our history (1950 – 2014)

Our company was founded by Najat Dilmen. He ran the company from 1950 to 1989. After control passed to his wife Ayten Dilmen, she led the company from 1989 to 1992. Since 1992, the sons Alp Dilmen, working in the company since 1985, and Ata Dilmen, working in the company since 1987, began active work together, in 2004 they were joined by Arzu Dilmen and by now organized family business.

The primary and main activity of our company was the customs clearance. For such leading companies in Turkey as Koç Grubu, Yalova Elyaf, Bozkurt Mensucat and others customs procedures were actively pursued. Due to the fact that in the late 1960s. factory Yalova Elyaf increased trade volumes with Italy, there were no serious problems in the transport area, and also due to the fact that our company founder Nejat Dilmen assumed Turkey's accession to the European Union, and therefore the customs clearance had to be canceled, in support of our customers in this direction, in the end of 1960 he purchased in Italy Fiat 43 brand trailers and joined the international transport sector.

In the early years 1970, possessing its own staff of 100 vehicles, the company has become one of the largest companies. To Italy, which was at that time the most powerful direction, to Romania and to Bulgaria thousands of tons of soda were carried by our transport. In 1989, after the death of Nejat Dilmen, Alp Dilmen and Ata Dilmen founded first foreign office in Romania. Our office in Romania was the first organization in the country by private international transportation.

With the opening of the Romanian office company has began to change. After the sale of the Turkish plates transport there were purchased vehicles with Romanian plates. The reason for this was that while for the 1 truck cost in Turkey could be bought 2 trucks in Romania.

After entry into the Romanian market, there were established good relations with eastern Romania, withdrawn from communism, and this determined that thousands of Romanian trucks were returning empty to the country, for these trucks return loadings from Turkey to Romania began arranging. Signed major agreements with such companies as Good Year and Pirelli, for these trucks were organized and performed thousands of loadings.

In 1990-2000 by volume of loadings carried on the direction of Romania - Turkey, Turkey - Romania, our company has reached a leading position in the market. Besides Turkey, with 16 years of experience in Romania, due to receipt of requests from our Romanian customers for transportation in the direction of Romania - France, in Paris in 2004 our office started its activity. With offices in Turkey, Romania and France, the service and benefits, presented to our customers, as well as the development of our company, all combine has started to bring contribution.

According to the wishes and demands of our customers for transportatins on the route Romania - France, we have the opportunity to make loadings from France to Romania and from France to Turkey, because of coming from France to Turkey trucks and because of absence of problems with loadings from Turkey to Romania, we can perform loadings very operatively. Thanks to our ability to perform a triple-loadings, we have no difficulties in searching of transport, and in the rates for our trucks running through 3 countries, so we can provide our customers with significant cost savings.

To be able to perform such loadings our main factors are the following: 2 generation; from student years together with the drivers of our company’s vehicles trips for all European countries; our long-term work in the same industry; our experience; training for all our staff in the office; availability of experienced colleagues; our young and dynamic team; employees owning Romanian, English and French; relationship of all our offices with each other; instead of thinking about the our own profit establishment of long-term relationships with our customers in our mutual desire to make a profit. We always put ourselves in our customers place, and in such a way do our job. Nobody deceiving, not providing false information, constantly working on improving our work, we move on. Dynamic, but while still remaining attentive, slowly but surely developing, putting honesty first, today working with more than 250 customers and in addition to own transport with 133 transport companies providing their work, we are a reliable company.

Throughout our entire work, we have helped the following words of our deceased parents:

Nejat Dilmen:

"Whatever work you do, always try to do it efficiently."

Ayten Dilmen:

"Work. Work. Work. Only by working, you can overcome life's difficulties. "